The Complete Cycle Chronicle of the Mouse State is a closed story in which two opposing summations, flowing one into the other, merge into one.

Only mice and snakes live in this state. Snakes move like worms, wriggling their bodies and resting on their bellies. This peculiarity is reflected in their entire organization. To defeat their natural vulnerability, lacking comfortable limbs (thoraxes and shoulders), they huddle together and form shapes. Dense and cunningly built they can easily fight and steal mice.

Main Machine #1 is the endlessly fertile duo of the king and queen. No matter how carefully the sentinels guard and zealously fight for the newly born and preening royal mice in the cells - they still find themselves captured in the newly formed "snake's paws".

The key to the snakes' effectiveness in fighting lies in their intricate entanglement. The mice, hoping to prevail and repeat their success, join together and curl their tails, but find themselves in a stalemate. Sooner or later, unable to overcome their fate, they are lumped together in the Rat King. Immobilized, they hit the mill (Main Machine #2). Its wheel spins non-stop and grinds them into the main enemy, a confrontation with whom their entire mouse life has been going on.n without discipline. There is no discipline without intelligence.
at the 'One-way street', Triumph gallery, Moscow, 2023,
Curated by Marina Bobyleva
2023, Installation, embroidery

'Full Cycle Chronicle'
One-way street, Triumph gallery, Moscow, 2023, Curated by Marina Bobyleva