Corridore is the Italian word for "runner", which in our language has become "corridor" - a space created for movement, in which the action of the four riders takes place. A long passage that ends with a door (an invitation to continue your journey).

The rider on the white horse is Plague.
The rider on the red horse - War.
Rider on a raven horse - Famine.
The rider on the pale horse - Death.

The first, the conqueror came out and began to act becoming a blood-sucking white flea.
Hunger on the raven horse began to stretch out in a snake the length of a human intestine.
Only the last, static rider remained, on a pale horse, in which 3 ladders protruded like mirages from the fog.
installation at 'The Eighth Day',
group show at Synthetic leather factory, Kazan
1.7.23 — 8.10.23
Artyomm Seeela & Кфшц, Sasha Shardak, Stas Lobachevskiy, Zukhra Salakhova, Ilgizar Khasanov, Robert Khasanov, Timofey Zverko, Arthur Golyakov
Curated by Arthur Golyakov & Robert Khasanov

Some steps/stairs from the fourth and final rider