'Aladdin Kebab',
Group Show Curated by TZVETNIK at llil.space, Rostov-on-Don

All the ingredients come together to become the world's tastiest kebab for office workers, freelancers and the unemployed.
Kebab can be silent. Its taste will speak for it.
Only after tasting dozens of kebabs you will understand what kebab wants to tell you.

16.4.21 — 2.5.21

Eliza Kreuzberg, Anna Soz, Maxim Novikov, Ekaterina Gerasimenko, Alyosha Kovalyova, Zuhra Salakhova, Arthur Golyakov, Vanya Venmer, Stas Lobachevskiy

serpent, 2021, beads, sequins, embroidery on the shirt