One of the special projects for the tenth anniversary of Smena is the collection 'Mice vs. Snakes', created jointly with the brand "Volchok" and artist Zukhra Salakhova.
The collection will continue Zukhra's project dedicated to the battle between mice and snakes, the precarious position of the roles of rapist-victim.

1) Hoodie with a machine embroidered rat king (as if they were entwined not by coincidence, but by being lovers).

2) Longsleeve with 'Trophy Snake Skin Conquest' print, where the skin acts as a metaphor for clothing and behavioral role.

3)Mouse in the image of George the Victorious on the bag.

4) Silkscreen print 'Coat of Arms'
edition of 20 pieces.

5) Hand-embroidered carabiners (each snake, the owner's personal protector)

Photographer Liana Gimatdinova

some sketches:))